Acting for animals, the planet, humans

Volunteer work

You can be an Ambassador to represent us, Vg-Coach to advise us, Runner to run for the cause, or journalist for AIO TV MAGAZINE.


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Whether you are a sportsman or a supporter, you can join VEGAN MARATHON. Membership is at €1. This allows you to be informed and participate in our activities.

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The runners are our first ambassadors, they act concretely by disseminating information and creating collections for the benefit of VEGAN MARATHON's actions


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Wearing the VEGAN MARATHON colours during a competition, during training or on a daily basis is a way to stand out, and to affirm your ethics. Enter the legend, visit our SHOP.



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The progress is underway and we must structure it, develop it, make it stronger. VEGAN MARATHON is an NGO present on all continents whose primary source of funding is donations.



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In the whole world, wether you are a professionnal or an amator sportive, whatever your alimentation is (vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, antispecist, animalist or omnivor in transtion), if you want to run or wald under the banner of VEGAN MARATHON, you can join us HERE.

The coast of adhesion to VEGAN MARATHON is 1 euro. (It will stay like this).

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